Magic Door Films is seeking three patients who have been diagnosed in the early stages of cancer to receive a natural, holistic approach to healing for its documentary Forgotten Cure. Patients will be required to commit to two months in the Amazon jungle at La Vida Sagrada Healing Centre where they’ll receive a multi-faceted alternative approach to healing. 

Patients will be treated by Robert Sindelar who trained as a pharmaceutical chemist through the graduate programs at MIT and UC-Berkeley. After working in the pharmaceutical industry developing cancer drugs, Robert left to find a more natural cancer cure in the Amazon Jungle. Following a rigorous training program involving the study of indigenous botanical medicines and healing methods, Robert was initiated into La Sciencia Divina school of shamanism. Robert’s treatments operate on the understanding that we consist of many bodies beyond the physical, such as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. A combination of therapeutic methods including plant-based remedies from the jungle, ayahuasca where appropriate, shamanic healing techniques, and methods for spiritual evolution will be used to address the malady existing in both the physical and subtle bodies. 

Robert will guide each patient through his or her healing journey with the utmost care and compassion, while having access to healing work provided by other experienced shamanic healers, such as Robert’s teacher Maestro Arnaldo Vasquez Catashunga. The shamans will work alongside a conventional medical doctor who will closely monitor their progress. Patients who have not been previously treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation are preferred. Treatments, food and lodging will be provided free of charge. You are required to have your own travel insurance and agree to be filmed for the documentary Forgotten Cure. If you are interested, please contact us at:

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